Connecting through respect

Respect for nature's resources is ingrained in everything we do. Through innovation, we reduce the use of scarce resources such as water and energy while promoting animal welfare, food safety and traceability. As the leading global supplier of high-tech food processing solutions, our advances can scale up to tremendous gains in sustainability.


Sustainability innovation scorecard

Commitment to a carbon neutral future

Climate-related reporting

Marel’s TCFD journey

We have taken several actions in 2020 to accelerate our sustainability journey to better understand the likely risks and opportunities that climate has on Marel’s entire value chain. We’re in the process of integrating TCFD recommendations into our climate change mitigation plan, and these recommendations have the potential to also benefit how we manage other environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) risks and opportunities in the broader sustainability context.

Climate change related risks and opportunities are a critical issue for Marel to manage, both internally and for its customers. To manage climate risks and opportunities in the food value chain, Marel needs to assist customers with using less natural resources, while minimizing their CO2  footprint during production.

Case study

Sustainable food production in the Qatari desert

Energy intensity reduction